Member Rights

You may file a complaint in writing or by telephone. If you would like to file in writing, please mail your complaint to CDC, 3000 Market St. NE, Suite 228, Salem, OR 97301, or email it to

File an appeal or administrative hearing – You may file an appeal or an administrative hearing request within 45 days of the notice of action date. Appeal and administrative hearing requests must be filed in writing, and can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to CDC or your local DHS branch office.

Contact Capitol Dental Care:

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IMPORTANT: Please do not submit any personal information such as social security number, Oregon Health Plan member number or any personal health information through email. The email is not a secure site and has the potential to be seen by others outside of Managed Dental Care of Oregon. Please call us at 1-800-538-9604 or fax the information to 503-581-0043.

By Fax:

By Mail:
3000 Market St. NE,#228, Salem, Oregon, 97301

For more information click this pdf :- Hearing and Appeal Request PDF

“THE PRIVACY OF YOUR HEALTH INFORMATION IS IMPORTANT TO US. To review our Notice of Privacy Practices and Acknowledgement”. click here

Nondiscrimination section 1557 (CDC)