Who We Are

Capitol Dental Care has served members of the Oregon Health Plan since its inception in 1994. Our vast network of dentists provides services in most Oregon counties.

Capitol Dental Care is committed to preventing dental disease and improving the oral and systemic health of children and low income patients. We create access to quality care, use evidence-based methods and provide dental leadership within the communities we serve.

Capitol Dental Care educates dental providers to “look outside the mouth.” As our providers recognize the interrelation between systemic and oral health, they can improve overall health outcomes for patients.

Capitol Dental Care is committed to the coordination of overall health with our member’s medical and behavioral health providers.

Capitol Dental Care Outreach Programs provide care in non-traditional venues, including schools, medical offices, and community settings. The provision of oral health care in settings that are familiar, comfortable, and easily accessible to patients helps to reduce barriers to care.

Capitol Dental Care has a robust Head Start and school dental screening, fluoride treatment, and sealant placement effort. These efforts not only help prevent or detect dental needs it also helps children become comfortable with dental professionals and learn to care for their teeth.

Capitol Dental Care recognizes that cultural competency is an essential characteristic for oral health care providers. Our members are given access to care that is compatible with their cultural beliefs and practices and delivered in a manner that meets their language and communication needs.

Capitol Dental Care has piloted a tele-dentistry program in connection with a school based health clinic. The program provides extensive diagnostic and preventive services along with limited restorative services to children in a rural community. The pilot program is being extended to other locations.